6 Common Items You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

Posted on May 23, 2016 in Tips

Now that you got a grip on the ins and outs of recycling, it might be a good time to up your recycling game. These days, most people know newspapers, plastic containers, aluminum cans, and organics are recyclable (or compostable). But what you probably didn’t know is that there are some items that often slip through the cracks and end up in the dump. Here is a list of a few items that can be recycled.

Plastic Sandwich Bags

You have probably already gotten into the habit of returning plastic shopping bags to your grocery store. But did you know you can also return all those plastic sandwich bags? Many supermarkets have bins where you can drop off all kinds of plastic bags for recycling.


Got kids? Then you probably have a pretty sizable collection of crayons lying around the house. Instead of throwing them into the trash, why not have all those rejected crayons recycled? You will not only turn old crayons into new ones, but also help keep a large amount of wax out of our landfills.

Toilet Paper Rolls

It makes sense, doesn’t it? Toilet paper rolls are made out of cardboard after all. Yet, somehow, many of us still tend to chuck them in the regular trash without a second thought. A great way to make sure toilet paper rolls don’t needlessly get thrown out is to have a separate bag or box next to your bathroom trash bin.


Thinking about replacing your carpets? If so, don’t just kick your old ones to the curb. Carpets that end up in a landfill can take more than 50 years to decompose, adding a terrible burden on the environment. Our team of junk removal specialists will be happy to get rid of your carpets for you.


So, you have decided to buy a new mattress, but you are not quite sure what to do with the old one. You could leave it out for trash collection. However, that would mean your old mattress would end up in a landfill, taking up space. The best option is to contact a professional disposal company for quick and easy mattress removal.

Christmas Trees

Ok, maybe springtime is a little early to be thinking about Christmas. But keep in mind, when the festive season does finally arrive, you will want to make sure to have your Christmas tree recycled. Don’t feel like hauling your tree all over town trying to find a recycling station?  Fortunately, we offer convenient recycling pick up for Christmas trees.

Make a positive impact on the environment and recycle everything you can! For hassle-free, eco-friendly junk removal services, contact us today!



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