We are Carbon Neutral!

604-TRASH-IT  is an environmentally conscious junk removal company. As part of our environmental commitment, we have decided to quantify and offset our greenhouse gas emissions.

Below is a summary table of our greenhouse gas inventory for 2015. We have included three emissions sources:  our scope 1 emissions related to the diesel consumed by our truck and the scope 2 emissions related to our portions of our leased office space for electricity and natural gas. For the diesel emissions, we tracked all of the litres that our vehicles used throughout the year. We used Environment Canada emissions factors for diesel combustion. For our office space, we used a common ratio formula using our square footage of space leased with the buildings total electricity and natural gas usage. If you are interested, we’d be pleased to provide you with more detailed information about our methodology.


Annual Emissions (2015) Volume Unit Emissions Factor Emissions (Kg CO2e) Emissions (tCO2e)
Electricity (kWh) 9748.7 g CO2e/ kWh 14.7 143.31 0.143
Diesel (L) 9549.51 kg CO2e/ L 2.69 25,689.71 25.69
Natural Gas (GJ) 6.6 g CO2e / GJ 1937.63 12.79 0.013
Total 25845.81 25.85


604-TRASH-IT has a relatively low GHG footprint. But apart from switching to a natural gas or biogas vehicle, there is little we can do at this point to lower our emissions.  To reduce our impact, we have purchased verified carbon offsets from Canada’s leading carbon management solutions provider Offsetters. We are proud to partner with Offsetters to support their greenhouse gas emission reductions projects.