We Think Green… And this is why

Standards & Transparency

604-TRASH-IT is an environmentally conscious company, and many of our clients are of the same mindset. They like to know where their picked up items are going and how our service will impact their environmental footprint. We are diligent in our recycling practices and documentation. We follow up all our projects with a recycling report and can provide this by request. We provide recycling statistics on a project-by-project basis, monthly or annually at no extra charge. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to ask us about the destination of your trash.

Waste Diversion statistics

When we say that we track our waste, we mean it. Every load that we haul is tracked and recorded. We know what was in the load, how heavy it was, where it went, who got it there, what truck it was in, etc. With the click of a button, all of the data is at our fingertips.  We compile all this data at year end and we put it in a spreadsheet. Below is a snapshot of our data from 2014.  The diversion rate is calculated by taking the total recycled material over total waste. In 2014, our diversion rate was 51%. We are proud of our efforts and look forward to seeing our numbers in 2015.

2014 & 2015 Accumulative Metrics Pounds (lbs) Kilograms (kg) Metric Tonnes (MT)
 Total Garbage to Landfill 1,010,021.21 458,137.91 458.14
 Total Recycled Drywall 251,900.42 114,260.10 114.26
 Total Recycled Wood 427,420.40 193,874.63 193.87
 Total Recycled Aggregates (concrete, rocks, soil, etc) 207,418.20 94,083.31 94.08
 Total Recycled Metals 268,633.66 121,850.17 121.85
 Total Matt/box with estimated weights (Avg 85 lbs/unit) 116,314.00 52,759.14 52.76
 Grand Total of Tracked Waste 2,281,707.89 1,034,965.28 1,034.97
 Grand Total of Tracked Recyclables 1,271,686.68 576,827.37 576.83
 Diversion Ratio  56%

 Recycling Practices

 There are nominal refunds for recycling some materials (such as metals)  and there are charges for recycling others  (mattresses, tires, fridges/freezers, etc.) but just like in your home or business, recycling takes a bit of extra time and effort.  For 604-TRASH-IT, this extra effort is our mandate. We are Proud Recyclers! We go out of our way to make sure it’s done right, every time.  Our customers appreciate this effort because that’s what they would do.  They know, as we do, that as custodians of our environment, recycling is one small thing that each of us can do. If you are ever in doubt of where your trash is going, please ask and we’d be happy to tell you.

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