604-Trash-It Reuse Philosophy

At 604-TRASH-IT, we do our best to keep as much material out of landfills as possible. While we are a junk-removal company, we are in a unique position to have a positive impact on product life-cycles. The highest and best use of trash is to find new homes and uses for stuff that is still usable.  While reusable material is a smaller portion of the total material we handle, we really like to make one person’s trash another person’s treasure.  Because we do not have extensive storage space, we are limited by just how much we can keep and give away; however, we do have a few useful options.

Donations to Charities

604-TRASH-IT fulfills a socially and environmental responsible role by donating reusable items to local charities. Our crews are well trained to identify and handle small or bulk items for donation. Using our preferred charities, the Salvation Army, St. Vincent De Paul’s, Big Brothers, and other non-profits and local charities throughout the Lower Mainland, we will always make a quick stop to see if they are accepting donations

If the items or donations are accepted, the charity then assumes the risk to sell or give away the articles.  If a charity feels they will have trouble moving the items, then they will not accept it. For this reason, few charities accept bulky items, such as furniture, tools, electronics, sporting goods, etc. These items take up significant space; and even though the margin can be good on these items, the risk is higher when compared to smaller items such as clothing.

Clients and Friends

If charities turn us away, we have another option. We have developed our own online reuse network. Using our company Facebook page, we post items that we think have value and may be appreciated by our clients and friends. We do not accept payment for this service; we’re just happy to see these products passed on and given a new life. We encourage you to check out our page and LIKE us if you like what we are doing. If you put in a request for a specific item, we can keep our eyes out for it and divert it from trash or charity.