Great Garage Organization Ideas

Posted on February 24, 2015 in Tips

Garages have a tendency to become dumping grounds for just about everything. From bikes, toys, garden tools, holiday decorations, old paperwork, and other items that won’t fit in your closets, the garage can be overrun with clutter. If it has gotten to the point that you have to park your car on the street, it just might be the wakeup call you have been looking for to reclaim your garage.

Here are a few tips to help you better optimize the space in your garage.

Create Separate Piles

The first step in clearing out the clutter in your garage is to sort through your items and figure out what you can rid of. Are there boxes of forgotten books, toys, or clothes that you could sell or donate? Is it time to say goodbye to some of that ski equipment you haven’t uses in years, or an old lawnmower that has grown out of its usefulness? Whatever you decide, it is a good idea to create separate piles of what you plan to keep, sell, donate, or throw out.

Get rid of the junk

Once you have your piles separated, it is time to get rid those items you no longer have any use for. Many people, however, don’t want the hassles of loading up their car and hauling off the trash themselves. To help make the whole process move quickly and smoothly, you can arrange to have a junk removal company remove your belongings, ensuring they get properly disposed of, recycled, or donated.

Make Use of Vertical Space

Now that you know what you intend to store in your garage, it is time to figure out where everything goes. Vertical space in your garage is a great storage solution many people tend to overlook. Walls and ceiling beams can be turned into some very creative storage space for a lot of your stuff. Tidying away items on shelves, cabinets, racks, or hooks (perfect for garden tool and bikes) are great ideas that will help free up space around your car—now that you will actually be able to park it in the garage.

Label Everything

Labelling all your storage bins and boxes will be extremely helpful. It may take a little work now, but having everything properly labeled will be great time-saver down the road. The next time you are on the hunt for some nails, screws, and bolts, or whatever odds and ends you need to complete your next DIY project, you will know exactly where to find them!

Organizing your garage can be challenging, but with a little strategy and a solid plan, you will be able to efficiently maximize your space, and finally park your car where it belongs.

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