How Junk Removal Supports Recycling

Posted on July 11, 2017 in Tips

Want to do a better job at recycling but not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered. Lending a hand to Mother Nature goes far beyond soda cans and newspapers. Truth is, almost everything can be recycled. With very little effort and time, you can do your part to help save the environment. If you want to reduce your home’s negative impact on the earth, here are five ways junk removal supports recycling.


Did you know that plastic never breaks down? Millions of tons of plastic winds up in our landfills and tossed out in our oceans each year—plastic debris carried by currents is creating floating islands of garbage. Still, we carelessly remove waste and throw out our plastic without truly understanding the consequences of those actions.

The good news is that plastics can be recycled to make a wide variety of products. Plus, you can reuse many of the plastic items in your home—grocery bags, bowls, cups, and bottles—before recycling them.


Recycling metals like aluminum is huge when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and conserving energy. Believe it or not, it takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminum than it does to manufacture it. Producing this versatile metal is complex, but once it has been made, aluminum can be recycled over and over again, without ever losing its quality.

Along with saving energy, metal recycling can also help reduce greenhouse gasses. Recycled aluminum prevents nearly 170 million tons of toxic chemicals from being released into the atmosphere each year.

Fortunately, we are recycling more and more metal each year—but there’s still a long way to go to responsibly remove waste. Over half of all aluminum cans manufactured are thrown out and never recycled.  

Paper products

Even with all the proper junk removal and paper recycling programs in place, a massive amount of paper products aren’t getting recycled. Canada only recycles 25% of the 6 million tons of paper it uses each year.

Needless to say, reducing the amount of paper waste in your home or office can have a major impact on the environment. Your unwanted paper items—newspapers, catalogs, magazines, cereal boxes, even your cardboard toilet paper rolls—are all useful resources that can be turned into new products.   


For ever ton of glass recycled, more than a ton of natural resources are conserved. Even just one recycled glass bottle can save enough energy to run a computer for almost 30 minutes.

Similar to aluminum, glass can be recycled and re-manufactured over and over again and still maintain its integrity. So, if you think tossing out that glass bottle won’t impact the environment, think again.

Home recycling is not only simple, it’s also satisfying. If we all chip in and do our part, we can protect Mother Earth for generations to come.

We take environmental concerns very seriously. Recycling, reusing, and repurposing isn’t just what we believe, it’s what we do. If you care about where your waste ends up, think 604-TRASH-IT for all your junk removal needs.

For a recycling-forward junk removal company, contact us today!  

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