How to Get Rid Of Electronic Waste

Posted on October 22, 2015 in Tips

When it comes to electronic devices, we simply can’t get enough. We want—no—we need the newest smart phone, tab, lap top, and HD TV. And why not? When the cost to repair your old electronic item often exceeds the price tag of a brand new one, why wouldn’t you want the latest gadget with all the state-of-the-art bells and whistles? With so many people upgrading their electronics, however, the amount of electronic waste – more commonly known as e-waste – is growing at an alarming rate, filling up our landfills, and putting an even heavier burden on the environment. If you are uncertain on how to properly get rid of your obsolete or unwanted electronics, here’s how.

Electronic and computer waste recycling and removal


Do you really need a new smart phone, tablet, or laptop? Even though your electronic devices may be in great condition and in perfect working order, many people still run out to buy a new product the moment it becomes available. And with companies cranking out devices faster than you can snatch them up, it can lead to a lot of unnecessary e-waste. Holding on to your electronics longer will not only help to prevent waste, but also save you some money.


Are your unused electronics collecting dust in your home? Instead of having your items waste away, forgotten in a box somewhere in the garage, why not put them to good use? Just because you couldn’t live without the latest touch screen laptop doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t appreciate your older electronic items. Donating your unused electronics to schools, non-profit organizations, or families in need will help extend the life of these items, helping to keep them out of landfills.


Is your smart phone or laptop broken and no longer in good working condition? If so, don’t just toss it away. There are a number of materials and precious metals in electronic devices that can be recycled and turned into new products. When you are ready to get rid of your damaged electronics, check out the many FREE locations and programs where you can easily recycle your e-waste responsibly and conveniently in Metro Vancouver.

No matter how you slice it, getting rid of e-waste responsibly just makes good sense. If you are looking for some help getting rid of your electronics, the pros at 604-TRASH-IT can handle all your junk removal needs.

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