Carpet Removal

There are a number of reasons to remove the carpet from your home. Carpet fibers can be a veritable forest of dust, pollen, mould, and other allergens; carpet can wear over time with consistent use; or perhaps you are a home owner looking for a bit of a change and want to restore some of the natural beauty to your home by uncovering your home’s beautiful hardwood floors.  No matter what the reason for removing your carpet, 604-Trash-It can help you dispose of the unwanted flooring.

Each year, roughly 250 million pounds of carpet winds up discarded in Canadian dumps.  The only thing more common in our dumps than discarded carpet is dirty diapers. The problem with this is that carpet is generally made up of tiny plastic fibres meaning that your old carpet can and should be recycled. It is estimated that a single piece of old carpeting can take up to fifty years to biodegrade.

carpet removal service great vancouver604-Trash-It is a Vancouver-based rubbish and junk removal company servicing the Vancouver area.  We, like our Vancouver customers, understand the needs of the environment and look for ways to positively affect change and reduce the impact of junk removal on the environment.  It is in this light that when we pick up your unwanted carpet, it will be taken to a carpet recycling facility and disposed of appropriately.

Whether you are renovating your house, office building, or apartment complex and require carpet removal services in Vancouver, 604-Trash-It guarantees professional, efficient, and friendly service.  For more information, please contact us, or call 604-872-7448.

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We are Carbon Neutral

604-TRASH-IT is now a carbon neutral company. We worked closely with Offsetters, Canada's leading carbon management solutions provider.

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