Commercial & Industrial Site Clean-Ups

While illegal dumping and improper garbage disposal in Vancouver is punishable by fines up to $2,000, industrial parks and commercial complexes still seem to become the perfect dumping ground for large unwanted items.  Whether it is a storage facility, a building site, or what have you, Vancouver residents routinely abandon furniture, appliances, and other large items where they aren’t supposed to.

The affect of illegal dumping takes its toll on the commercial604_Industrial complexes and industrial parks that find themselves with unwanted items routinely dumped at their doors. Not only can junk removal be expensive, but leaving discarded items to litter up a business’ surrounding area can detract customers from patronizing that business.

For businesses which find they have become the perfect place for illegal dumping, 604-Trash-It offers junk removal services in Vancouver. Whether you find a mattress, a dishwasher, or whatever else left at your business’ door, we offer same-day junk removal service, and we’re just one phone call away.  Our trained junk removal teams will handle your commercial or industrial site’s clean up with the utmost of professionalism.

In addition to illegal dumping, industrial sites are often a place where windblown dirt and debris tend to accumulate. Trash can be swept into a commercial complex or accumulate around fences.  If left overtime, this windblown debris can build-up and create a big problem for you to deal with and a definite problem which might turn-off customers and hurt business.  Before it becomes a big problem, call 604-Trash-It.  We’ve been offering junk removal services in Vancouver for over nine years, and our commitment to service means that you won’t be disappointed!

To make invoicing easy, 604-Trash-It makes setting up and account with us simple.  To find out more about the services we offer and to book a pick-up time, please contact us or call 604-872-7448.

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We are Carbon Neutral

604-TRASH-IT is now a carbon neutral company. We worked closely with Offsetters, Canada's leading carbon management solutions provider.

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