Large Site Preparation


A common problem many contractors face when setting out to begin a project where the property has been abandoned or laid dormant for a while is that garbage, junk, and debris have begun to accumulate on the property.  This may be the result of heavy winds blowing rubble and garbage onto the property, people disposing of their household garbage inappropriately by dumping it where they believe it will go unnoticed, or squatters, both human and animal, taking up residence on an abandoned property of piece of land.

In instances where contractors are set to start a job on an abandoned property, 604-Trash-It can come in ahead of time to handle all junk-removal , as well as squatter camp removal which can be a big problem with abandon buildings or properties, especially in Vancouver.
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604-Trash-It’s construction site clean-up teams are also experts in the preparation necessary for demolition. For properties where junk and debris have accumulated, we make it possible for contractors to go in and have nothing more to worry about than getting their job started.

As with all of 604-Trash-It’s services, we ensure that wherever possible, when handling construction site clean-up, junk removal, and squatter camp removal, items are recycled, re-used, donated, and disposed of properly.  We care about the environment just as much as we care about providing all of out clients with fast, efficient, and meticulous service.

For more information on our large sit clean-up service, construction site clean-up, junk removal, and squatter camp clean-up, please contact us.  Or call 604-872-7448.

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We are Carbon Neutral

604-TRASH-IT is now a carbon neutral company. We worked closely with Offsetters, Canada's leading carbon management solutions provider.

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