Recycling Tote Rentals

Downsizing your office or preparing for a full office move can be a stressful time for any company and their employees. For businesses which have been located in a single location for a number of years, junk and unnecessary items tend to accumulate.  When it comes time to pick up and move, the less your company has to take with you to your new office, the better.  604-TRASH-IT can make the downsizing or moving process easier by offering professional and convenient junk removal services.

For businesses in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, we understand that even through the stress of office relocation, the environment is an important consideration.  It is with the environment in mind and our commitment to keeping our city green and beautiful for future generations that 604-TRASH-IT offers recycling bins or totes to help a business with their disposal needs.

Recycling totes are available in 35, 64, and 95 gallon sizes.  Our recycling totes make it easy to dispose of unwanted office waste, and to keep the work space clear of debris. Each recycling tote has an ergonomic design with sturdy wheels and a hinged lid so that it can be placed in any corner of your office, keeping things tidy while the office can prepare for the move.

Each tote can be used to collect all shaefer imagesorts of office waste, from mixed paper products to plastics and even electronic waste, or anything mixed together. Paper products suitable for our recycling totes include newsprint, packing paper, cardboard, copy paper, as well as magazines and other paper with a glossy finish.  Other items suitable for our recycling totes include shrink wrap, milk jugs, HDPE and PVC pipes (up to 4 ft in length), styrofoam, and wood packaging.

604-TRASH-IT is pleased to offer Vancouver area business the convenience of our recycling tote rentals. We will drop off recycling and disposal totes to your office and pick it up at a time convenient for you, taking some of the stress off of your shoulders.  For more information on our recycling tote rentals, please contact us by calling 604-872-7448 or by e-mailing us at

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We are Carbon Neutral

604-TRASH-IT is now a carbon neutral company. We worked closely with Offsetters, Canada's leading carbon management solutions provider.

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