Residential Multifamily Demolition and Deconstruction Services

Residential Multifamily Demolition and Deconstruction Services Done Right

604-TRASH-IT is a full service multifamily demolition and deconstruction company, serving Metro Vancouver. We provide fast and reliable deconstruction services at competitive prices. Our team of highly-trained professionals work to achieve the greenest deconstruction possible, from the smallest residential projects to large scale multifamily remodels.

At 604-TRASH-IT, we believe that any job worth doing is worth doing right. That’s why we guarantee that all our work is done according the strictest timelines and the highest standards. We also do our absolute best to ensure the deconstruction project is completed with the least amount of disruption to the building’s residents.

Dependable Demolition and Deconstruction

Here at 604-TRASH-IT, our deconstruction crew has the experience and the skill to handle all kinds of demolition and deconstruction projects, using only the strictest safety procedures. We carefully disassemble the entire project by hand to ensure complete customer, employee, and environment protection.

What We Do

Check out some of our residential deconstruction projects!

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Chimneys
  • Fireplaces
  • Walls
  • Window and Door Removal
  • Carpet and Flooring Removal
  • Debris and Dirt Removal

Eco-friendly Approach to Demolition and Deconstruction

We take environmental concerns very seriously. Our approach to demolition and deconstruction gives new life to materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. We go out of our way to recycle, donate, reuse, and re-purpose as much of the materials we remove from a project as possible.

Full Service Site Preparation

604-TRASH-IT is proud to offer a full site preparation service to meet all your demolition and deconstruction needs. Our skilled team are there for you from start to finish, ensuring the complete success of your project. At 604-TRASH-IT, we will:

  • Safeguard floors and ceilings from dirt, dust, and debris
  • Stop dust from spreading throughout the building
  • Set up  poly enclosures to protect residents’ belongings
  • Remove and responsibly dispose of all deconstruction materials

For professional and affordable Residential Multifamily Demolition and Deconstruction services, contact 604-TRASH-IT today!

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We are Carbon Neutral

604-TRASH-IT is now a carbon neutral company. We worked closely with Offsetters, Canada's leading carbon management solutions provider.

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