What are bed bugs?

The threat of bed bugs are an unfortunate reality for residents of the lower mainland. These tiny little pests have become the bane of retail stores, apartment dwellers, and hotels all over the Lower Mainland. It takes just one tiny little bug latched onto someone’s clothing to infest an entire building, and once bedbugs find their way in, getting rid of them can be an almost impossible and expensive task.

Bed bugs are tiny parasitic insects which feed almost exclusively on blood. Infestations have become common place in Vancouver and transferring the bugs from one location to another can be as simple as visiting a friend where one happens to crawl on to your leg and give you a bite. Bed bugs are small in size and difficult to notice. Once you’ve got one on your person, whether it is lurking in your clothing or on your skin, infestation is almost certain.

Once you’ve managed to bring a bed bug home, they find their way into your furniture, your carpet, and the rest of your home. As their name suggests, your bed and specifically your mattress, makes a great home for bed bugs. They are nocturnal and often feed on you while you sleep.

How to get rid of infested furniture and mattresses?

Depending on the extremity of the bed bug infestation, it may be necessary to dispose of infested furniture and mattresses, as bed bug treatment alone may not suffice. For information on bed bug remediation, give us a call at  604-872-7448 and we can recommend some great pest control companies that specialize in bed bugs.

When it comes to disposing of infested furniture, 604-TRASH-IT’s expert staff will come to your home prepared with all the necessary equipment to remove furniture, carpeting, and whatever else the bed bugs have managed to infest. All infested material will be wrapped in plastic to prevent any of the bed bugs from escaping. The material will be labeled as infested and disposed of properly. In many cases, we offer same-day removal, meaning your bed bug problem will be dealt with quickly and professionally without the addition of any more hassle.

How much does it cost to get rid of bed bugs?

Because the dismantling and wrapping up your items requires extra time and care, this extra time spent at your site increases the exposure and risk to our crew and equipment. For this reason, we have a labor charge of $100 /hr for a 2 person crew, with a one hour minimum, added to our regular removal rates.

For more information, or to book a pick-up time, please call 604-TRASH-IT at 604-872-7448 or e-mail info@604-trash-it.com.


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