The Hazards of Your Home Remodeling Project

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After months of planning, sweating over materials, and gathering up the right tools, that home remodeling project you’ve been dreaming about is just about underway. But before you start knocking down walls, be aware that there are a number of hazards that can crop up during your renovation and household junk removal project.

Many homes, especially older ones, may have been built with hazardous materials—materials that can seriously harm you and the ones you care about. So, while you’re transforming that fixer upper into your dream home, you’ll want to be mindful of the possible health hazards associated with your home remodelling project.  


Dust and remodeling projects go hand-in-hand (and everywhere else). Dust can be public enemy #1 for those of you who suffer from allergies. And because you are obviously going to be in your home during the majority of the renovation, you’d better have a dust control strategy in place before you start tearing down walls. Otherwise, your entire home could be contaminated with dust, from carpets and air ducts to furniture and appliances. Need help creating a dust-free plan for your remodeling project? A household junk removal specialist can help.  


Mold is another serious health concern. Touched or inhaled, spores can trigger harsh allergic reactions, as well as cause severe respiratory issues, rashes, and eye and throat irritation. Mold infestations can breed in a wide variety of areas—inside wall cavities, crawl spaces, and air ducts, and beneath wallpaper, paneling, and carpets.

Before you even begin your renovation project, it’s important to have a household junk removal company get rid of all moldy material to help contain the contamination.

Debris left lying around

When it comes to home renovations, you can never be too careful (and that goes double if you have kids or pets). Letting dangerous debris pile up—like broken boards, nails, and shattered glass—is an accident waiting to happen. But with so much on the go, it can be easy to let junk removal slide. If the thought of getting rid of that big mess is stressing you out, why not leave it to the pros?

A household junk removal professional has the trucks, tools, and training to haul away all your renovation debris, quickly and affordably. Schedule several pick-ups throughout your project, or have them remove all your renovation waste in one big trip.

Starting a home remodelling project? Here at 604-TRASH-IT, we provide complete site preparation and household junk removal services for all your renovation needs. We will also ensure all your remodelling debris is removed and disposed of in the most eco-friendly, responsible way. From the planning stage until the finished project, we will be there for you every step of the way.

For professional household junk removal of all you your home remodeling projects, contact 604-TRASH-IT today!     

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