What to Do With Your Old Furniture

Posted on January 21, 2016 in Articles

Hooray! You’re finally made the decision to invest in a new living room set. You’ve spent countless hours mulling over the right fabric, colour, and style. And now, it’s just a matter of time before you have your beautiful, brand new furniture delivered. But wait! You forget one very “small” important detail—what do you do with the old set that is still sitting in your living room? Here are some helpful ideas for getting rid of your unwanted furniture.

Donate unwanted furniture to a charity or non-profit organization

There are a wide range of charities or non-profit organizations you can donate your furniture to. Consider donating to The Salvation Army, local churches, or a local charity. Another great option is to donate your unwanted furniture to a local high school, college, or community theatre group. Whatever you decide, just make sure that your old furniture is clean and in good shape.

Use the Internet to trade or sell your furniture

The Internet is a great tool to sell or trade items. There are a host of places online to buy, sell, trade, and exchange unwanted furniture. A web service like Craigslist, for instance, is easy to use and great for reaching out to people willing to take your unwanted furniture off your hands for some cash.

Recycle or remove old furniure and junk

Refurbish your old furniture

Not ready to say goodbye to your old furniture just yet? You may want to consider reviving them. For example, you could reupholster that comfy couch, add a splash of colour to those old chairs, tables, and shelves. Or sand off the finish and add a nice stain to those dingy cupboards. Refurbishing your old furniture will not only breathe new life into some of your old favourites, but also save you money.

Repurpose your unwanted furniture

If refurbishing furniture is not your thing, then why not try repurposing it instead? There are a wide variety of things you can do with your old furniture (and you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to pull it off). That ancient television that has been sitting in the garage forever can become a fish tank. You can use an old sink as a planter, or turn a toilet seat into a photo frame (sure, why not?)—the possibilities are endless!

Let’s face it. No one likes getting rid of furniture. It’s big, bulky, and heavy (not to mention the mammoth effort it takes to get it out of your home). Whether you’re downsizing and moving to a smaller place or you’re planning on replacing you’re old furniture, let 604-TRASH-IT take care of the heavy lifting for you.

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