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The Real Cost of Removing Junk Yourself

There are some things in life that are not worth cutting corners to save a buck or two. For example, eating sushi at the cheapest sushi restaurant in town isn’t worth the risk of gastric distress. So too, when it’s time to get rid of your old furniture, ask yourself, is it worth begging friends to help, renting a truck, straining yourself to heft heavy items, and losing personal time, all so you can do it yourself?

Here are a few reasons why you should leave the furniture removal work to the trained professionals and why the junk removal service prices are worth it.

Don’t put your back out

Everybody’s done it (or at least something similar). We’ve all asked someone or paid them in pizza and beer to help clean out a third-floor walk-up apartment, basement suite, or even an entire house. Chances are, someone hurt themselves helping move your furniture or junk.

Truth is, many people simply don’t have a clue how to properly lift stuff—especially heavy stuff. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could wind up with a serious back injury that can keep you off your feet for a very long time.

Here’s an example for you to learn from. I moved from the east to the best — umm, I mean west — coast and got rid of most of my furniture and things I could replace in the process. But I still had a lot of clothing, kitchen tools, and smaller items I wanted to keep.

Regardless of what I was keeping and tossing, it all had to be cleared out of the apartment. Being fresh out of college and with little to no money to my name, I couldn’t splurge to have someone clear out my junk for me. So, of course, I offered a couple of pizzas to entice my dad and a friend to help me.

Moving all of my furniture proved to be no easy task, and our bodies paid for it for days after.

Keep your time and money

Moving and trying to tidy up can be stressful, especially when you have a million other things you have to do. It makes it even more difficult when you have to research Vancouver bylaws to figure out what you can throw out and where — there’s a lot more legal jargon in there than it’s worth.

For example, some cities let you dispose of mattresses for free, while others will charge you.

Next, comes the actual removal of your junk. If you own a trailer or a truck, you’re all set to go, but if not, you’ll probably have to rent or borrow a truck from a friend — which may cost you more pizza or money.

Once you’re loaded up, then you need to head to the landfill or recycling plant. Just when you’re feeling accomplished and close to being done, you get stuck in a line that can take hours to get through.

Oh, and once you are actually finished, don’t forget to fill that rented or borrowed truck back up with fuel.

Rather than go through all that rigmarole, give us at 604-TRASH-IT a call and we can help provide you with a free quote. With us, you can rest easy that your unwanted materials will be recycled the right way without you even lifting a couch cushion.

Get the cost up front

Ask and we shall tell. Want that old smelly mattress gone? We can quickly tell you how much it will cost. Many Vancouver recycling plants and landfills may add a processing fee, environmental fee, or regulatory cost fee, but not us. We’ll give you a quote that matches the bill — without any hidden or unforeseen costs.

Think about it like this. When you go to buy dinner, you understand that there is a tax on your meal, but would get frustrated if you see hidden costs like a dish cleaning or tablecloth washing surcharge, right?

The same can be said when it comes to disposing of your unwanted items. Costs can quickly escalate from a small task to an expensive undertaking. When you’re taking a do-it-yourself approach, it’s important to research and know what junk can go where, and what fees you’re expected to pay for disposal.

Make the environmentally friendly choice

When you trust us to deal with your unwanted materials, we don’t just take them straight to the landfill. Instead, we go the extra mile to repurpose and recycle whatever we can, lessening the impact on the earth.

That old couch that no longer works in your living room? Or that lamp that needs repair? We can help find new homes for these items — while also helping the community.

We work with multiple local charities to divert these items away from the landfill. If no local charities are accepting donations, we turn to our online community of 604-TRASH-IT friends to see if any of your old gently used items can be reused.

To date, we’ve helped save almost 2.6 million pounds from going to the landfill, and you can help that number continue to grow.

It’s definitely feasible to remove that old and unwanted trash from your house, but it’s not easy. What starts off as a simple afternoon of decluttering, can quickly turn into a whirlwind of chaos when trying to rid your house of junk.

A simple way to avoid all that unwanted stress is to give us a call at 604-TRASH-IT. Our team of fully trained, licensed, and insured movers can get whatever you need out of your house, with so much more ease.

You can rest assured that as much as possible, your unwanted items will be diverted away from the landfill — and we can prove it to you. After the job is done, we can provide you with a free recycling report by request, detailing what item went where, and you can feel good about helping save the environment.

Give us a call today for a free quote or book online now for $10 off!



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