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What Type of Items Require the Help of Junk Removal Professionals?

Once upon a time, it seems, we were able to bring virtually any item to the curb and have it picked up and taken away, either by residential waste collection or even at times by people who would drive through the neighbourhood with their truck looking for discarded treasure.

Some municipalities today are no longer picking up especially large or heavy items or requiring certain steps to be taken before they will cart them away. As a result, some homeowners may struggle to move large items to the curb only to watch the days go by with no pickup.

There may be certain days scheduled for the pickup of larger items, but even in those cases, there are plenty of large scrap items you may need help with, for various reasons. You may find something too heavy to manipulate on your own, risking injury to your back. Other items may be less heavy, but large enough so as to be unwieldy. Then, of course, you also have items that may have rough or sharp edges that might cause injury.

No matter where you find yourself having large scrap items—whether in a commercial, industrial, or residential area—there will be times when you need help. Certain things you will be able to handle on your own, but for the rest, you should call in the professionals.

What type of items requires the help of professionals? Here are a few:

Old Vehicles

This is a pretty obvious one. An old scrap vehicle is not something that you can move around effortlessly. Avoid calling a towing service; see if you can make some cash off of your old vehicle by calling a scrap provider. Old cars contain valuable metals, so you may as well see what you can get from them.

Metal Doors

Built to be sturdy, metal doors can be difficult to manoeuvre at best, dangerous at worst. Size obviously plays a factor, but in some cases, even removing the door requires a deft touch and strong hands, provided you have the tools to remove it in the first place.


At some point, every appliance will break down. Moving a stove can prove difficult, but doable. Once you start looking at larger appliances, it becomes increasingly unlikely to do it on your own without damage to the item, your environment, or yourself

Fridges, freezers, washers, and dryers all tend to be beyond the ability of the average person to handle, even with a friend helping. There is no real reason to put your back at risk when professionals can get the job done quickly and easily.

Yard Equipment

Definitely, something that requires professionals, yard equipment can be dangerous if not handled correctly. Lawnmowers can easily cause injury with their blades, as can snowblowers. Durable and hard to scrap, these items also require the removal of batteries, if any, and can contain oil and gasoline, making them potential fire hazards.

Shelving/ Storage Units

Whether for storage at home or in a business, metal shelving and storage units can be extremely useful, but when it’s time to dispose of them, they may prove problematic due to their weight, and in some cases, awkward size and shape. There is also the possibility that some edges are sharp, or pointed, offering multiple opportunities for injury.

Play Equipment

If you have children, you may also have play equipment to dispose of, such as slides, swing sets, or monkey bars. Made to endure years of play, these items are durable and may be difficult to disassemble.

Although unlikely to have sharp edges, they still prove to be unwieldy.

Exercise Equipment

Even if you have been using your exercise equipment for years, you may not be prepared for the effort required in scrapping them. Weights, obviously, are heavy. Add other awkward-to-handle pieces and it soon becomes a rather difficult task.

Some equipment, like treadmills, will have motors, adding to their weight and making them more difficult to move. Once again, your best bet is to rely on professionals to get the job done.

Metal Sheds

Whether commercial or residential, metal sheds require handling by professionals for a number of reasons. Aside from the usual concern of weight, disassembling a shed can prove to be a dangerous prospect. Even if you are able to take your shed apart, it is not the wisest of ideas owing to their propensity to collapse during the process. Having your shed fall apart while to are working on it can very easily lead to injury.

When it comes to disassembling such structures, professionals have the training to keep themselves safe.

We are here to help!

These are just some examples of items that you may need to scrap, and reasons why you should be relying on professional help to do so. It’s understandable to want to handle things yourself when possible, but it’s also wise to know your limits and call in the help you need when it’s appropriate.

There is another reason why seeking professional help can be beneficial, and it’s one that you might overlook: your scrap may be valuable. Some metals can be sold for a decent bit of money, but every year, home and business owners literally throw money away.

Roofing copper, insulated wire, and copper tubing can all earn you some cash and should not be simply tossed away. By consulting a professional, you may find that you have some money in the form of scrap metal. Why let it go to waste, or fall into the hands of others who would be happy to profit from it?

It cannot be overstated that scrapping is not a Do-It-Yourself project, but rather a potentially risky undertaking that requires the assistance of professionals who can help you do the job right.

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