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The Risks of Hoarding

For many, collecting items like coins, stamps, and memorabilia are fairly common. Putting off going through that cluttered drawer or sorting through an overflowing closet we have been meaning to clear out is something most of us can relate to. However, for many compulsive hoarders, they tend to form strong sentimental attachments to those possessions, feeling they may need these items in the future, making it extremely difficult to part with–a compulsion that can eventually take over their lives.

Serious Safety hazards

The constant accumulation of belongings can drastically impact the quality of life and can cause serious safety hazards for hoarders. Sitting on a sofa, sleeping on a bed, and even preparing meals in the kitchen can be next to impossible. In many instances, occupants will have to create a narrow path through the clutter in order to navigate from one room to the next.

There are a number serious risks associated for hoarding.

  • Large amounts of combustible materials like newspapers, clothing and garbage, can pose a fire hazard.
  • In case of a fire, blocked hallways, doorways and windows will make it extremely difficult or impossible to exit the premises.
  • Accumulated items and waste material can cause insect, rodent and other pest infestations.
  • Occupants can be at a higher risk of health issues because of a buildup of dust, mildew, and fungus.
  • Stacked objects can fall on people, or the excessive clutter can cause people to trip and fall.
  • A lack of regular household maintenance can lead to a loss of running water, heat, or refrigeration.
  • Toilets and sinks may be unusable or inaccessible.
  • The added weight and volume of hoarded items can cause structural damage to the home.

Hire a professional

In severe cases of hoarding, the entire contents of these houses will likely need to be sorted through, disposed of, or a combination of both. This however, can be a stressful and sometimes overwhelming challenge, requiring patience and sensitivity that will involve the help of a professional junk removal company.

Our junk removal experts handle all hoarding cases with a professional, compassionate, and respectful manner.  All of our junk removal teams are trained to handle junk removal discreetly and efficiently.  Let us handle the stress of junk removal and hoarder clean-up for you.

Contact us to book an appointment with our junk removal team or call 604-872-7448.  We’re here to help!

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