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5 Helpful Tips for Downsizing

Whether your kids have left the house, you are trying to save money, or you just want get rid of the clutter and live a more streamline lifestyle, downsizing may be your solution. Homeowners are recognizing some of the many benefits to moving to a smaller home, such as increased cash flow, lower utility bills, reduced consumption, and less time on property maintenance.

The prospect of moving to a smaller home, however, can feel overwhelming. Here are some helpful tips to prepare you for a smoother transition into your new home.

1.      Make a list of the items you can live without

Create a list of low priority items to help you sift through things that are taking up unnecessary space. Saying goodbye to some of your belongings may be a little difficult, but getting rid of the things you don’t need may actually help you better appreciate the items you decide to keep.

In making a decision on what to keep, it may be helpful to ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I used this item in the last year?
  • Do I intend to use this item in the future?
  • Is this easily replaceable?
  • Does this item hold true sentimental value?

2.      Get rid of the clutter as soon as you can

It will definitely benefit you if, well before the move, you start getting rid of the items you have chosen not to take with you. Try to set aside some time every day to tackle a section of your home, including some of the miscellaneous items and junk that is taking up space in the garage, attic, or other storage space.

3.      Consider the dimensions of your new place

One important tip to remember when downsizing your home is to measure the dimensions of your furniture and compare them with the floor space you’ll have in your smaller place. Necessity will make the decision of what to keep much easier.

4.     Don’t forget to recycle

Throwing out your unwanted items may seem like the easier solution during your moving time stress, but recycling and donating your things will help the environment, people less fortunate, and reduce unnecessary consumption. You may also feel good that you’ve done your part.

5.      Hire a professional

If the prospect of de-cluttering and removal seems overwhelming, consider hiring professionals to do the job for you. 604-TRASH-IT is experienced with the removal and recycling process, and we will gladly take on various other jobs, including renovation debris, green and landscape removal.

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