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Surprisingly Easy Solutions To Help Ease You Into a Smaller Office Space

Does bigger really mean better in today’s business world? Maintaining or growing a business can be extremely costly, so it makes good business sense to trim the fat wherever possible. Advancements in technology, environmental concerns, and the ever climbing costs of real estate are changing the landscape of the modern-day work space by streamlining businesses, allowing them to do more with less.

Many companies are realizing the benefits of downsizing, removing junk, getting rid of outdated office equipment, saving on utilities, and moving employees into smaller, more cost effective spaces. Making the move to a smaller space, however, can create some confusion about which items to keep and what to do with the items that are no longer needed. Here are some ideas that may help clarify what you can do:

Time to get rid of all that paper

One of first’s steps you may have to consider is getting rid of all the unnecessary paper that has been accumulating over the years. For the hard copies you choose to keep, converting the documents to digital format will be a space-saving, environmentally-friendly solution. This may also be the perfect time to get rid of those empty filing cabinets, freeing up space and allowing you to maximize valuable square footage.

Say goodbye to your fax machine

The next step you might need to tackle is figuring what to do with your current electronic equipment. Advancements in technology play an important role when it comes to thinking about office space. Slim profile designs in PCs, printers, and other office equipment take up much less space than their older, bulkier counterparts. Not only has electronic equipment drastically decreased in size, it has also made some of the technology you may still have in your office obsolete.

What do I do with all this trash?

You may be feeling a little overwhelmed with all the junk, but environmental concerns should always be taken into consideration when planning what to do with your unwanted items. 604-TRASH-IT offers recycling bins or totes to help businesses with their disposal needs. Each tote can be used to collect all sorts of office waste, including mixed paper products, plastics items, and electronic waste. Conveniently placed in any corner of your office, recycling totes make it easy to dispose of unwanted office waste, keeping the work space clear of debris, thus freeing up space to help you prepare for your move. 604-TRASH-IT will drop off recycling and disposal totes to your office and pick them up at a time convenient for you, taking some of the stress off of your shoulders.

604-TRASH-IT can make the downsizing or moving process easier by offering professional and convenient junk removal services. For more information on our recycling tote rentals, please contact us by calling 604-872-7448 or by e-mailing us at info@604-trash-it.com.

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