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The Benefits of LEED

An increasing number of businesses are developing a larger commitment to better environmental practices. With the construction, maintenance, and demolition of buildings creating a huge impact on the environment, the construction industry needs to be on the cutting edge of greener technologies.

One of the single most influential factors on the future of green building designs is LEED.

What is LEED?

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a green building rating system that provides a recognized standard for developing more sustainable and energy efficient buildings. It is the most recognized green building rating system in North America, with over 4,000 buildings registered with the CaGBC (Canada Green Building Council).

The objective of LEED is to create a healthier environment by promoting the design, construction, and maintenance of buildings that conserve energy, use fewer resources, and minimize pollution.

What are the benefits of LEED?

Content Employees

Built for energy savings and employee or occupant comfort, LEED-certified buildings need to have large windows and open spaces. Increased sunlight, better air quality, and more comfortable work spaces all contribute to an increase in employee morale and productivity.

Community Opportunities

Having a LEED-certified building is an effective way of representing your company’s commitment to the environment. Additionally, LEED construction projects support the community and stimulate the local economy by encouraging the use of local materials and labour.

Low Operating Costs

Because of stringent standards for construction, materials and labour, LEED-certified projects do characteristically have a higher initial investment. Studies have shown, however, that the decrease in energy consumption can translate into millions of dollars of savings annually.

Higher Corporate Profile

In addition to the environmental benefits, many companies may also receive an enhanced public image that can come with LEED-certified construction. People want to know that a company engages in eco-friendly practices. And having a LEED certification is a great way to demonstrate a company’s commitment to the environment.

Having LEED certification will help create and sustain an environmentally focused building project, reducing your carbon footprint to benefit everyone.

604-Trash-It will generate, track, and document your reports, meeting LEED criteria, and helping you reach your recycling compliance goals.

Contact us today and let our team of skilled professionals help you earn valuable credits for your LEED-certified projects.

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