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A Massive Dismantling, Removal, and Recycling Project for PNI Digital Media

Relocating an office to a larger location can be an intricate process. The amount of time it will take and the work involved should never be underestimated. Having an expert team of junk removal professionals is vital in order to successfully assist companies through the key stages of a complex move, ensuring critical mistakes are avoided.

Recently, our teams of professionals at 604-TRASH-IT helped PNI Digital Media Inc. complete a successful office relocation project. The junk removal and recycling process took seven days to complete with most of it taking place after hours. We dismantled and removed approximately 145 cubic yards of cardboard, metal, cable, wood, and garbage. This equated to over 10,000 kilograms. Of that, we were able to recycle more than 85%.

Proper planning and execution

This large office relocation project required a great deal of organization and co-ordination that involved a lot of open communication between staff and our client. It was important that everyone was kept up-to-date, supported, and reassured that the removal process would be managed and executed efficiently, professionally and in a timely manner.

Careful planning went in to the dismantling and removal stages of this project. To help provide a seamless transition for PNI, our team had to work well into the night, ensuring that business interruption could be kept to a minimum during the day. This did, however, present a new set of challenges. Because the recycling stations were closed during the time we were working, we had to get creative in figuring out where to store the material before we could deliver it to them.

Hiring the right junk removal company

Dealing with business waste can be a daunting task for many companies. Running a successful business is challenging enough without having the added worries of proper waste management. Hiring the right junk removal company will eliminate that unnecessary stress, allowing you to focus on your company.

604-TRASH-IT can make your moving process easier by offering professional and convenient junk removal services. For more information, please contact us by calling 604-872-7448 or by emailing us at info@604-trash-it.com.

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